Introducing tech-52

cross-signs-type4Does the world really need another technology blog. Well…of course not. What the world needs is peace, love and understanding.

Can a technology blog promote peace, love and understanding? Well…sure, why not?

With that perhaps debatable but no less earnest idea in mind, we introduce tech-52, a weekly web publication that will explore a variety of subjects, but always with technology at the heart of it.

As long as there has been humanity, there have been technological advances that have shifted our cultural paradigms. And there have been the dreamers, tinkerers, and explorers who made the ideas become the realities.

Today, “tech” is ubiquitous, so integral to our daily lives, and increasingly embedded in even the most mundane objects. The pace of technological advancement is staggering. And the number of serious technology users grows exponentially, while user sophistication trails along at a slower pace.

Why is this important and what does it all mean? The answers are multi-faceted, interesting, and cross spiritual, ethical, philosophical, and practical boundaries, touching on, in many ways, much that is important to us as individuals and as a society.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs, technology can make our hearts sing.1

This writer has had a long career in the high technology industry, and has witnessed firsthand the upward curve of invention and innovation in the computer software, hardware, and peripheral realms. It has been and continues to be a heck of a fun ride, and without thinking about it, it’s become integral to our lives. We’ve grown to marvel at and be fascinated by it all.

Which brings us to this…the first edition of the first volume of tech-52 articles.

Each and every week, tech-52 will tap into our perspective and offer up what we hope will, in some modest (hopefully interesting) way, elevate the conversation, and provide a dash of insight. Along the way, if we can learn a thing or two that we did not already know, well, that’s a bonus.

This blog also hopes to engage you, dear reader, get your feedback, hear your ideas, and increase our collective understanding of the technological world we live in.

We would love to have you bookmark this page, tune in each week (or whenever you have a bit of time), and share the journey.

Although we never want to limit ourselves with what we might explore from week to week, this much we promise:

• No pontification. (We’ve no interest in proving how opinionated we can be…on the other hand, it is a blog so some opinion is inevitable).

• No long-winded diatribes or rants (although some subjects are beyond the pale and deserve a bit of rage…nonetheless, we will keep each article concise and on point).

• No perfunctory posts. (If it’s not a subject we find truly interesting, and think you might as well, it won’t appear here.)

So with all that said…welcome.

1Edwin Land was a hero of Steve Jobs. When the two met, Land told Jobs: “Those people who can stand at the intersection of the humanities and science, the liberal arts and technology, that intersection, are the people who can change the world.” Jobs took that quote to heart and often paraphrased it himself in later speeches. In attempting to describe what makes Apple technology great, Jobs was quoted as saying “(it is) technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our hearts sing.”

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