Divining the iPhone 6

iPhone_crystal_ball2Each year, pretty much like clockwork, Apple releases a new iPhone model (or two) in September. Even before the glow has worn off, online journals and blogs are already talking about next year’s model.

This wizened technology observer has to chuckle. It’s like, people, really?

Sure, I’m always interested in new developments in technology, but predicting a year in advance what Apple is going to announce is a bit ridiculous.

Especially, when there’s plenty still to digest regarding the new, shiny versions that just arrived on the market.

Nonetheless, pundits are people, too. So, let the speculation begin, early and often. The rent isn’t going to pay itself.

A year of cacophony

We talk about this phenomenon only to lay the groundwork for what happens the rest of the year: increasing rumors, speculation, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Tens of thousands of column inches. Enough to fill a decade of the New York Times.noise

If you’re not a technology geek like me, it’s understandable that you let most of this frenzy pass you by as you’re getting on with something that really matters. Your life. Good on you there.

I skip over a great deal of it myself, because I’m pretty much able to get the gist of things from a relatively trusted subset of sources.

It is akin to pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle that all look similar at the beginning.

Taking shape

iPhone-puzzleEventually, one is able to start connecting pieces and slowly gain a picture that looks something like plausibility.

Along the way, the reader has to cut through a treasure trove of hidden agendas, click bait titles, and conflicting observations.

Or, you can just wait until Apple announces the damn thing, and save a lot of energy.

Although, where’s the fun in that? Based on everything I’ve seen and read, and on the intuition I’ve gained observing Apple these many years, I’m going to stick my neck out.

We’ll know soon enough how accurate I am, as pretty much everyone agrees that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6 on September 9. Since I will be vacationing in Paris, I may not be paying attention. Well, maybe a little.

The magic 8-ball, please

This is what will happen on September 9:divining_the_answer

  • Apple will announce two iPhones (4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models).
  • Both models will feature an entirely new form factor compared to the current model iPhones and will be running the new iOS 8.
  • Both models will offer higher-resolution screens, but Apple will also offer an elegant way to support and display the millions of applications that were developed for the current models’ 326 PPI Retina screens.
  • And speaking of screens, the new phones will feature Sapphire glass, which offers near indestructibility. Pair that with aluminum chassis, and the iPhone 6 will be hard to break.
  • Both of the new phones will be available for pre-order the weekend that follows the September 9 announcement (September 13-14).
  • There will be something different between the two models. I’m thinking the 5.5-inch model will have a 128GB storage option, more memory, a higher-resolution screen, and will cost $100 more than the 4.7-inch model.
  • The 4.7-inch model will be remarkably manageable with one-handed operation. Apple will have made it incredibly slender, with smaller bezels on the front, and contoured it in such a way that it fits comfortably and securely in one hand as the user operates the iOS 8 touch interface.
  • The iPhones will look something like this:


See you in September.

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